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With 35 years in the business of supplying and re-engineering press and folder rollers to customers, there’s little we don’t know about rubbers and polyurethanes. With this in mind, and some vigorous testing over 5 years we are now able to offer an additional service to our customers that could save money, help them to fulfill their corporate responsibility to the environment, and enable them to have the peace of mind that it will be BFS that can be relied upon to get them out of a tricky situation, fast.

Let us recondition your worn out or damaged tyres at a fraction of the cost of new with a longer lasting compound and less vibration and noise, improved stability and a lower wear rate. What’s not to like?

The tyre compound chosen can be tailored to your individual requirement; whether indoor or outdoor. Polurethane compounds for indoor or natural rubber for outdoor use.

It’s simple! You need a replacement fork lift truck tyre, we pick up your damaged tyre and leave you with a service exchange tyre. We give your tyre a complete strip down and re-engineer it with the appropriate combound to best suit your requirement.

So, you save money, and you won’t be condemning your tyre to landfill. Now you know that fork lift truck tyres, don’t have to cost the Earth!




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