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Are cheaper press rollers worth the risk or a false economy?

Cheaper rollers are invariably made of cheaper compounds. This leads to a lowering of the chemical and physical properties which affects the dimensional stability and mechanical wear resistance of the roller.

In technically demanding sheetfed offset (high-speed presses) or heat set environments, cheap rollers rarely stand a chance and can either fail dramatically or enjoy up to half the life of a more capable compound.

For example: A black rubber roller can be wear-resistant and electrically conductive if, for example, high-quality ‚carbon blacks‘ have been used. However, the rubber compound could also be coloured with a cheap black dye.

At first glance, the rollers appear to be identical. However, the problems and damage that occur when these rollers fail in your machine can prove a lot more expensive than the cost you‘ll save when purchasing them.

BFS only manufactures new or refurbished rubber rollers to manufacturers‘ specifications and above.  Never bank on cheap rubber again! Call BFS on: 01189 930 5999.



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