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Prisco is a worldwide supplier of pressroom chemicals providing alcohol-free fountain solutions along with high-technology silicone concentrates and premium grade aqueous coating to the printing industry.

As the world’s largest provider of low and alcohol-free fountain solutions, there is no better option than Prisco when switching to an alcohol-free system – no matter which press, plate or ink technology you are using.

Prisco offer a wide range of speciality press maintenance products for use between and during press runs. Full product lines for dampening system maintenance and roller/blanket care are available, as well as press lubricants to keep the mechanical aspects running smoothly.

Prisco is committed to helping reduce the carbon footprint of the printing industry and minimizing the printing industry’s impact on natural resources. BFS offers a wide range of Prisco product including:

  • Salt Crystal Remover
  • Meter Roller Cleaner
  • Chrome Roller Cleaner
  • Fount 3551 + 2
  • Web Fount 210
  • Roller Lube
  • Eezy Klene

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