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Westland Wero-UV

Westland WERO-UV is perfect for ink and dampening rollers for UV printing.


Westland Wero-UV


Compound properties

  • High extraction resistance to the used media, also with 30° Shore A.
  • Excellent ink transfer.
  • Easy wash ability (lower resetting times if the inks are changed).
  • Minimized heat-build-up.
  • Excellent combination between rubber and core to prevent relief.


User Area

  • Ink rollers and dampening form rollers for pure UV printing.


Printing Area

  • Sheet-fed printing.
  • Continuous printing.



  • All Fogra approved UV and UV & Mixed cleaners for normal wash up
  • Use a “deglazer” at least 1 time per month. In case of running without
  • In case of running without inks : Use a roller oil for protection
  • If the machine is not running (> 2 weeks), the rollers should be protected against ozone or other types of light. Use a roller oil for protection suitable for EPDM.



• The roller should not be laid on its rubber surface. It should be stored standing upright or
suspended on its shafts.
• Dry and dark storage with constant temperature (best temperature: 18 – 22°C)
• Protection against UV light with special wrapping paper to avoid post-hardening



  • D302-02 / D403-02 || colour: black

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