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Hickey Picker Roller

Have you tried using a Hickey Picker roller on your press yet?


Manufactured and engineered at our Haverhill roller factory, the Hickey Picker Roller is especially useful for use with recycled paper or board and installed by many of our customers to eliminate the chance of hickeys.

The roller is typically installed as the first ink form roller and carries a special fine fibrous surface that adheres, captures, and holds dust and foreign particles so that they don’t reach the printing plates or blankets, but instead are washed away once the run is complete.

  • Eliminates plate and blanket induced hickeys
  • Recommended for dark colours and solid coverage
  • Easily installed as an inking roller with a choice of positions
  • Effective with board and recycled paper
  • Picks up contaminant rather than disguising it

Have you tried using a Hickey Picker roller on your press yet? Call us on 0118 9305999 to find out more.


Endura CP1260 Compound Properties

  • Colour: Grey
  • Shore hardness: 50
  • PVC nitrile




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