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Westland LotoTec

A patented coating system based on fluorine rubber (FKM)



Westland LotoTec Damping Roller

Westland has raised the bar with pioneering development. As is the case with so many technical developments, the LotoTec coating principle is an imitation of nature. The lotus effect – how the water beads rest on a lotus leaf – provided the inspiration for development work. By being able to cut the use of aggressive chemicals, our customers are now able to print more environmentally-friendly, while equally achieving distinct commercial and technical advantages.



  • Extended lifetime
  • Fast & easy cleaning – shorter maintenance cycles
  • Enhanced media resistance – no roller damage caused by irregular rubber swelling
  • Optimum media transport – supporting both printing with or without IPA
  • Simple creation of a perfect water film
  • Dampens constantly without being wet


LotoTec Damper Roller

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