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PRISCO® 2351 Fountain Solution Concentrate

PRISCO® 2000 Series concentrates are designed for sheetfed presses and can be used in conjunction with alcohol or alcohol based substances.

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Prisco 2000 Series concentrates are designed for use on sheetfed presses. Especially relevant they may be used in conjunction with alcohol or alcohol substitutes. The Prisco 2000 Series contains alcohol replacement compounds and non-piling additives. Therefore, the series permits substantial reduction in alcohol consumption without significant changes in roller settings, regardless of dampening system. Total alcohol elimination may require the addition of a Prisco ALKALESS® alcohol substitute.

  • Formulated with alcohol replacements, to reduce alcohol consumption on press
  • Fungus growth is effectively eliminated
  • The Prisco 2000 Series contains a combination of fungicides for cleaner running dampening systems and less frequent cleaning of tanks, lines and filters
  • Runs well in any type of dampening system, resulting in cleaner reverses, better ink lay, little or no piling and superior trapping
  • Phosphate free for less impact on the environment

For conventional dampening systems: Mix 1 – 3% of Prisco 2351 to water to obtain a pH range of between 4.6 and 5.2 2.

For reducing alcohol in continuous dampening systems: Mix 2 – 4% of Prisco 2351 to water. After determining optimum dosage, measure C.O.W. (Conductivity Over Water) for reference when making additional batches.


Product Name Water Condition #/kg/L pH Range


Soft <220 PPM

R.O and D.I.


3.9 – 4.0


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