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PRISCO® UV NC PEL H-UV and UV Blanket and Roller Wash


Prisco UV NC PEL, H-UV and UV Blanket and Roller Wash is an excellent cleaner for presses utilising today’s ultraviolet and EB curing inks. This product contains custom blended components that penetrate and soften ultraviolet inks and removes them from rollers and blankets. Prisco UV NC PEL has received certification by FOGRA as meeting their testing criteria as specified by major press manufacturers. Per FOGRA requirements, UV NC PEL contains additives to prevent corrosion of brass and other soft metals. The product is compatible with EPDM rollers and blankets. Prisco UV NC PEL is certified by ISEGA for food package printing.

  • 100% water miscible, de-lint and de-glaze while you remove ink
  • Slow evaporation rate
  • Very low odour
  • Minimal to no swell of EPDM rollers and blankets

uv nc pel


For rollers: Apply product to top rollers and allow it to “run in” for a short while to loosen deep down ink and glaze. Set blade. Apply additional wash to flush residue onto blade until blade is clear.
For blankets: Apply wash with saturated cloth and wipe dry. UV NC PEL is fully water miscible. If you are having a linting or glazing problem, add about 20% water to UV NC PEL before using as directed. Do not apply by hand while blanket is in motion.

Komori K-Supply offers a unique line of premium pressroom products to improve efficiency and profitability in the print room. Prisco UV NC PEL is one of the carefully selected K-Supply Premium Quality Products tested and approved for use with Komori presses by K Supply LogoKomori themselves.

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