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ICON Clean and Save

Combines excellent cleaning of inks with effective preserving of plates for short term storage.


bfs Product Code: CHCSA

ICON Clean and Save is a multi-purpose clean and save pressroom chemical, that combines excellent cleaning of inks with effective preserving of plates for short term storage.


  • Excellent solvency to cut through stubborn inks
  • Contains natural acacia gum to help store and protect plate surfaces when not in use
  • Will also remove stubborn oxidation found from stored plates and keep the plate ink receptive
  • Contains biocidal components to increase preservation of plate
  • Non flammable formulation (Flashpoint >61°C)
  • VOC ~460grams/litre (50%)
  • Recommended for the majority of offset plates – may not be suitable for some unbaked plates – always test initially
  • Supplied in 1litre bottles with squirty lid for easy application

Method of Use

  • Always test suitability of plate cleaning materials on a small discrete area of the plate to be used and repeat for any new plate types as sensitivity of plates often vary.
  • Shake well before use and squeeze onto a damp sponge before wiping across the plate area to be cleaned wiping away any ink residues.
  • Finish by washing off with water and allowing the plate to dry.
  • Can be left on plate overnight for storage – but should be applied and buffed over with a lint free cloth leaving just a thin layer to protect. Ensure this is washed off before restarting.
  • Suitable for most modern day machines including manufacturers such as Heidelberg, KBA, Man Roland, Ryobi, Komori and Mitsubishi presses.

Storage and Shelf Life

  • Store solvents safely within the printing environment to allow them to acclimatize to pressroom conditions – working temperatures will affect evaporation speed of solvents and hence can influence their effectiveness. Consult own company risk assessment and fire risk assessment for guidance on suitable storage containers depending on properties of the chemical.
  • If left unopened and kept in the correct conditions this product has a recommended shelf life of 12 months.

Health and Safety

This product is categorized with the following hazardous associations:

GHS07: Exclamation Mark

GHS08: Health hazard

GHS09: Environmental

Always wear suitable safety equipment when handling pressroom chemicals. Will not give rise to significant hazard provided good standards of industrial practice are maintained. Consult MSDS for further information.

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