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PRISCO® Royal Flush Dampening System Cleaner


Prisco Royal Flush is a heavy duty cleaner for dampening and recirculating systems. When used as directed, Prisco Royal Flush cleans and disinfects dampening systems on all types of printing presses.

  • Removes calcium build-up and scale
  • Eliminates paper and ink contamination from lines, hoses and pans
  • Improves alcohol free performance
  • Helps control foaming
  • Kills fungus and bacteria

Drain the entire press dampening system. Remove filters. Fill with fresh water and add 10% of Prisco Royal Flush to water. Turn on the recirculator pumps and recirculate for one hour. Drain and refill the plain water. Recirculate for ten minutes and drain. Repeat last three steps until rinse water is clear.

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