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Ink Duct Liners

Our New Duct liners can significantly reduce cleaning time on your press.


New Ink Duct Liners

Ink Duct Liners for Komori, Man, KBA  – Less Time on Cleaning More Time in Production.

Features and Benefits

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Reduces Down Time
  • Reduces Cleaning Time
  • Keep your Press Cleaner
  • Environmentally Friendly



Why Use Ink Foils

Downtime time costs money. Conventional foil can be messy and time-consuming.

Ink Duct Liners Ink Duct Liners


Clean Ink tray reduces tray cleaning time from 15-30 mins to just two enabling you to maintain valuable production time It also substantially reduces the amount of solvents and clothes used during cleaning The reduction in time and simplified procedures allow your printing staff to focus on the print job at hand and avoid messy time-consuming cleaning Clean Ink tray is simple to use.

Protecting the environment


Clean Ink tray foils are environmentally friendly helping to contribute to a healthier world. They also help you to achieve a cleaner production line.


Clean Ink tray was developed in Denmark by printers for printers. It’s manufactured from a durable foil with a specially designed double-sided liner. Clean Ink tray is available for a large selection of presses.

How to Install

1) Place foil against back-margin of ink tray

2) Pull off the film from the tape on one side

3) Fit to corner of ink tray

4) Rub tape so it sticks against ink tray edge & pull the rest of the tape film off.

5) Fit foil into corner of ink tray in opposite corner



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