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End Seals

High quality, accurate, and consistent end seals are critical to minimise ink leaking, optimize blade life, and achieve smooth ink lay-down.


Flexo Chamber End Seals

Resolve coating leaks and reduce seal consumption with our end seals for anilox coating systems. Selecting the right product for your application is critical to achieving proper doctor blade seating and preventing leaking. Our end seals are compatible with all types of coatings, as a result, eliminating the need to replace them between each job. Whether you choose our highest performing Long Life End Seals, which increases the seal life or our Pre-impregnated felt end seal, which improves lubrication and reduces friction, or the mid-range Premium End Seal their versatility and longer life make our end seals a practical economical option for preventing coating leaks.


Types of Product

Pre-impregnated Felt Seals

Manufactured from 97% woollen felt and thermally impregnated with a dermo and food-safe lubricant, BFSs seals are specifically engineered to provide exceptionally long-life and are often used in packaging applications.

The special lubrication moves through the felt towards the cylinder, consistently presenting a ‘lipid’ seal and significantly reducing ink leakages and pro-longed seal life.

Particularly suitable for water-based inks and is available in two hardness grades.

Note that, due to the nature of the product and its inability to return to its original geometry after compression these seals require 100% adjustment to the chamber to set them correctly.

  • Direct replacement product with extended life
  • Pre-soaked with petroleum to maintain lubrication and reduce friction.
  • Minimize leaking to reduce coating consumption.
  • In addition, it is compatible with aqueous and UV coatings


Longlife End Seals

This blended PE/EVA synthetic sponge rubber has excellent chemical resistance and is particularly suitable for solvent-based inks.

Used in areas demanding high speeds and long seal life, this seal has the best recovery of all available materials and can withstand multiple compression sets on the chamber.

  • Direct replacement product
  • Suitable for solvent-based inks
  • Perfect for high speeds
  • Best recovery
  • Withstanding multiple compression sets


Premium End Seals

This pure PE based material is the most commercially viable seal material for those applications that require multiple changeovers.

It displays high flexibility and offers excellent resistance to all inks and solvents.

Although its recovery is not as impressive as the Longlife End Seals it can withstand multiple compressions and is flexible enough to be used in chambers where the exact internal measurements cannot be established due to wear.

  • Direct replacement product
  • Made from high-grade PE for extended life
  • Resistance to all inks and solvents
  • Flexible for inexact internal measurements

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