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Circular Cutting Blades

BFS top and bottom knives can be used for all press types and ideal for extreme long-run presses.


Circular Cutting Blades


Top Knives


Top knives are available to customers in a range of high quality tool steels and are manufactured to OEM specifications for all types of printing presses

For special applications we can provide blades in long-life materials, for example chromed steel leads to improved wear-resistance and greater edge retaining properties.

For extreme long-run presses i.e. gravure, new steel qualities have been developed to resist high abrasion and wear and tear, becoming indispensable with new paper varieties and the constant cost-savings required in production today. Varieties of powder-metallurgic steel such as ASP are used. Due to the improved polished finish and better-grinding capabilities of the cutting edge, less dust is created when cutting.

BFS are able to offer circular top knives of powder steel for any blade required. Available in single or double bevel, dished or flat, with plain or bayonet style bores.

Lower Knives


BFS lower knives are made to the same specification as our top knives. For extreme long-run presses the practical use of carbide and ceramic-tipped lower knives has been adopted as an ideal combination with powder-metal top knives (ASP).

A special technique ensures an absolute stable connection of the carbide or ceramic cutting ring with the steel base. Improvements in blade lifetime and dust creation are even greater than with powder-metal (ASP) knives. BFS lower knives can be carbide or ceramic tipped on one or both sides and are available for any blade required.

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