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Super Blue Anti-Marking Nets

The Super Blue range are a selection of nets that have anti-marking qualities.


Anti-Marking Nets

Super Blue Original

Chemically treated anti-marking nets made from a stretchable fabric. The net has a soft wrinkle surface.

Super Blue Original with Stripe

Never wash ink off a transfer cylinder again, with our Anti-Marking Nets.

The same as the Super Blue Original but with a soft metallic fibre woven into the net. This aids in the installation and maintenance whilst reducing static electricity, and is a chemically treated stretchable fabric.

The Super Blue 2 anti-marking and anti-static net is a superior method of protecting the wet side of a printed sheet. It accomplishes this by preventing ink build up on transfer position and thus eradicating the common problem of marking.

  • Less Markings
  • Faster Setup
  • More Available Press Time
  • Less Paper Waste
  • No Static Buildup
Super Blue 2 StripeNets

Our Anti-marking and anti-static nets are the world’s only Anti-Marking Solutions featuring a patented stripe. StripeNet anti-marking nets are a chemically treated, non-stretchable, wrinkle-free fabric, which eliminates any readjustment of the net. The stripes woven into the net at regular intervals serve as guides enabling an easy and trouble-free alignment for precise looseness.

Available for immediate delivery with over 62 precision cut sizes for most press models and generic cuts for custom fits.

StripeNet anti-marking nets installation instructions:

  • Adhesive
  • Non-Adhesive
  • Oversized


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