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Westland Rollers licensed to be made in the UK, exclusively by BFS at our Haverhill Manufacturing Facility. BFS offers new, exchange and recovered printing rollers, suitable for all press types and print sectors using specialist compounds for all applications whether conventional, UV or mixed. BFS and its expertise of rubber compounds has become synonymous with knowledge and innovation when it comes to roller manufacture in the UK. Both original manufacturers of printing machinery as well as printers rely upon BFS’s craftmanship and innovation. New technology has made it possible to create exciting new rubber compounds such as Westland’s market leading WeroAqua and BFS’s own Endura range with astonishing surface properties that can make the whole printing process more economical and environmentally friendly. Roller collections and deliveries are available on existing UK routes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ppXDHR7zFA

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