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WeroAqua Metering Rollers

I was a little sceptical when I saw this advertised but following a trial period I can confirm that on one 2 colour perfecting press we are now Alcohol free without any efficiency issues, and looking to try our multi colours press in the near future, under the current climate with alcohol prices this will now mean a substantial annual saving on this press, thank you to Graham and his team for their support, a very good investment.

Allen Bell

Works Manager, Thornton Print


A customer was having issues with the life of its blankets and underblankets whenever there was a smash while printing with board. Each time there was a smash, both blankets and underblankets needed to be replaced. BFS recommended Finito as the optimal compression and rebound properties of the packings would improve smash resistance and reduce the need for changing the blankets as frequently. Although the Finito packings are more expensive to purchase than the underblankets which were being used originally, it was calculated that it could be a financially viable option if the Finito packings lasted every 5 blanket changes. In reality, staff run 6 to 7 blanket changes before having to replace the Finito packings which are a significant time saver (packings are changed far less frequently) and less expensive in the long run. We now hold 10 Finito sheets in stock for our customer which can be called off as required with 24 hour delivery.

Anonymous Printer



We have run Finito self-adhesive packing sheets on our SM52 for approximately four years, which has saved us a considerable amount of time due to the longevity of the product. Their durability has meant that we haven’t needed to replace them as frequently despite the variety of work we run on the press and the self-adhesive factor means that it is much easier to change a blanket.

Jamie Stables

Ashley House Printing Company Ltd

ink link


InkLink is a sheetfed printer and we have been in business for 30 years. During this time we have used both traditional packing and more modern style under blankets. However, since using Finito underpackings we have noticed a significant change in production downtime and longevity of the top blankets. We would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Mick Dolling



Finito Dress

Jaymar have made a substantial investment in both the infrastructure of the building and the installation of a Roland 706 LV with UV inter-decks and end of press fitted by IST in order to maintain and enhance our customer service levels. BFS introduced me to Finito Dress and the potential it would have in keeping the Roland in its current pristine condition. We all know what printers can be like in the modern pressurised production environment … ink drips, hand marks etc. can all detract from the look of a press. Finito solves that problem because marks are easily wiped off, machine paintwork is not left stained, the result being the integrity of the press remains intact. The application of the Finito was a seamless part of the press installation only taking 2 days. As a young printing apprentice back in the day an old mantra springs to mind ‘a clean machine is a happy machine’ and with the help of Finito Dress my machine will remain a happy one.

Jaymar Packaging Ltd


bfs Rollers for a LED Retrofit

bfs: What made you decide to convert to LED? How long did it take from thought to actualisation?

OP: We were looking to improve our print quality and turnaround times – specifically on uncoated paper stocks – and six months later after due consideration we made the change.

bfs: What made you choose BFS mixed compound rollers for the conversion?

OP: We had quotes from a couple of potential suppliers and the spec from BFS for the rollers suited us. The cost was also a contributory factor.

bfs: Was the delivery schedule of the rollers met?

OP: The order was delivered on time.

bfs: When the rollers arrived, what were your impressions of how the rollers were packaged and labelled?

OP: The rollers were very well packed and labelled accordingly allowing easy pick and transfer to press.

bfs: How long have you been using the rollers and how have they performed on press?

OP: We have been using the rollers now for over 2 years. Performance has been good and we have had minimal wear with replacements readily available when required.

bfs: Thinking about the contact you have had with any of the team at bfs, what are your impressions?

OP: We’ve been very well looked after from sales to the deliveries by Chris.

Ally Barron

Opal Print



Siegwerk UV Flexo Varnish and Siegwerk Spot Colours

As the Sicura Flex range of inks can be used straight from the container, Bootyman experienced a reduction in downtime and make-ready times in addition to solving the original problems with ink flow, ink strength and shelf life thereby making it very cost effective indeed. The solution BFS offered with the water based flexo ink was an added bonus. Gavin Green told us “They are the best inks used by press operators”. Bootyman Printers was so pleased with the inks that they have also started using the Siegwerk UV Flexo varnish and Siegwerk spot colours.

Bootyman Printers Ltd



”Equally satisfied with the performance of the LotoTec rollers and the personal service received from bfs, Nigel Hunt said “We insisted on printing Alcohol free on our KBA 105, but to print Alcohol free LED UV the LotoTec dampening has given us stability that was previously not possible.” Damon Machin at bfs added “Peter from Westland was more than happy to visit Blackmore with me to discuss their printing needs and I am delighted that we were able to offer a personal service combined with a rather specialist printing solution.”

Blackmore Ltd

Logo letterworks


While looking for different underpacking for my PM52-5 colour, Howard from bfs showed me the Finito self-adhesive underpacking. Since that day (in December 2014) I have not used any other blanket underpacking because the results are far better than expected.

There are a few things I have found when using the Finito adhesive blanket:

  •  It does not move while on the press due to the adhesive. Even when you replace them it leaves very little adhesive on the cylinder which is not hard to remove.
  • When changing blankets the Finito just stays in place so no more holding the underblanket or packing sheets in place hoping they do not move.
  • The Finito seems to handle smashes far better than packing sheets due to its make-up, leaving the blanket with hardly or no damage.
  •  I find the Finito outperforms any other underpacking I have used and it lasts much longer so no need to change them every month.
Graham Rutter

The Letterworks

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