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Printing Equipment & Accessories

Saving time, money and improving press performance and quality

In addition to our main range of consumable products and services we also boast a selection of ingenious printing accessories

Printing Equipment & Accessories

In addition to our main range of consumable products and services we also boast a selection of ingenious printing accessories designed to save you time, money and improve press performance and quality. Our current selection includes:

Diginip – Digital Nip Measuring System

The first immediate instrument designed to measure the contact width (Nip) between two Rollers. Diginip can improve productivity by up to 50%, save you valuable time and simplifies your set up routine. Suitable for sheet-fed or rotary machines it eliminates problems of doubling, creeping, slurring, clogging, registering & mottling. Perfect for long machines or perfecting presses it is simple to use and includes a protective carry case. Diginip measures in mm or thousandths of an inch. Please contact us for full details.

Clean Inktray – Ink Tray Liner System

Clean Inktray was originally developed in Denmark by printers for printers. It is manufactured from a durable foil with a specially designed double sided liner. It can dramatically reduce tray cleaning time from 15-30 minutes to just 2 minutes enabling you to maintain valuable production time. It also substantially reduces the amount of solvents and cleaning cloths used during cleaning. The overall reduction in cleaning time allows your printing staff to focus on the print job at hand and avoid messy time consuming cleaning. Clean Inktray is simple to use and is available for a large selection of presses.

Poliwet – Ultra Moistening System

A unique moistening system that uses a specially designed plastic bag divided into 2 adjacent sections. The first section contains the exact quantity of cleaner needed for the ideal wetting of the roll. The second section is for the non-woven roll you wish to use. The gradual flowing of the cleaner from the first into the second section is regulated by special openings that have been designed to grant a perfectly even moistening of the roll.

SRM – Consumable & Maintenance Database Programme

A unique and exclusive pressroom package which runs on a Microsoft Access Platform. SRM is a tailored system designed to simplify your routine maintenance, significantly reduce downtime and decrease your wastage expense. It also provides complete stock control management, automatically re-orders consumables when required and provides a visual display of consumable unit condition. It can also provide a fault recording & reports facility and a full maintenance and consumable history.

Roller Racking

Designed and developed for the safe storage and handling of your rollers our racking offers improved safety, aids handling procedures and saves you valuable space. It is designed to keeps your rollers in perfect condition whilst eliminating storage damage. Bespoke sizes are available (made to order).

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