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UV Lamps

Medium pressure UV lamps are mainly installed where UV-reactive paints or coatings are used. Photo initiators within the substances are exposed to UV radiation thus creating a reaction between the ink and the lacquer called polymerization. In addition to paints and coatings, industrial UV radiation is used in many other fields, e.g. in materials testing, photochemistry and also for disinfection of material surfaces, air and water.


Ultraviolet Lamps for Ink Curing in Print

The main advantages of printing with UV lamps are:

•  The materials are free of solvents and therefore environmentally friendly
•  The Timing of the cure can be freely defined
•  Due to the benefit of UV curing being instantaneous, it is much easier to achieve higher speeds of production

UV medium pressure lamps can be manufactured with lengths between 40 mm and 2800 mm and are available in capacities up to 60 kW.
The following pages give a brief overview of the common market of medium-pressure UV lamps, its doping and models. Please contact us if you have special requirements for your application. In almost all cases, we can offer a solution.

Features and Benefits

  • 1500 hour warranty
  • Power range up to 60kW
  • Everclear cycle to enhance lamp life
  • High UV yield
  • Made in Germany
  • A trained engineer checks all the lamps before distribution
  • Customised lamps


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