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Pre-Impregnated Wash Cloths

Pre-Impregnated Wash Cloths are the most cost-efficient solution for cleaning blanket and impression cylinders.



Pre-Impregnated Wash Cloths

Our Pre-Impregnated Wash Cloths use a specially adapted solvent, which has great solvency power, effective cleaning performance and an even solvent solution across the whole roll. The synthetic fabric is lint and dust free, eliminating contamination. Our Pre-Impregnated Wash Rolls have a uniform surface leading to improved efficiency of the rolls.



  • Cost Efficient

Longer rolls mean fewer changeovers and more press up time.

  • Compatible

Works with most existing sheetfed and web press pre-moistened blanket cleaning systems.

  • Good for the Environment

Up to 50% fewer solvents used during wash up.

  • VOC Free

The atmosphere is not affected by evaporated solvents, due to their high ash point.


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