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CONTI Laserline CSL

A versatile printing plate suitable for varnish applications used with water- or solvent-based and UV/EB curing ink systems.


CONTI Laserline CSL


A versatile printing plate suitable for varnish applications. Used with water or solvent based and UV/EB curing ink systems.



  • Roll material
  • Overall dimensional stability
  • Reduced press chatter
  • High-resolution engraving
  • Consistent print
  • Less plate swelling*
  • Long lifetime / less abrasion
  • Improved ink laydown
  • “Peel off” printing layer

* Suitable for water-, alcohol-based inks as well as UV curing ink systems.

Conti Laserline CSL

Technical Data

Printing surface  (Solvent-free) Colour: EPDM / black Surface: fine ground Roughness RZ (DIN 4768): 7.0 μm Roughness RA (DIN 4768): 0.9 μm Surface hardness (DIN 53505): 65° Shore A
Compressibility With 135 N/cm2: 1.15 mm ± 0.04 mm
Carrier Calibrated foil (350 μm)
Nominal thickness (ISO 12636) 1.15 mm, 1.35 mm, 1.70 mm



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