CONTI Laserline CML


CONTI Laserline CML

CONTI Laserline CML is a printing plate developed for varnishing (tubes, cups, metal decorating).



  • Dimensional stability
  • Reduced vibration strips
  • High resolution in engraving
  • Uniform expression
  • swelling resistance *
  • High durability / Low abrasion
  • Optimal color transfer

* Suitable for water- and alcohol-based printing inks, as well as for UV inks

Conti Laserline CML Printing Plate



Technical specifications
Cover plate  (solvent free) Color: EPDM / black  surface: fine ground  Roughness R Z (DIN 4768): 7.0 .mu.m  Roughness R A (DIN 4768): 0.9 microns  hardness cover rubber (DIN 53505): 65 ° Shore A
compressibility At 135 N / cm 2 : 1.14 mm ± 0.04 mm
strength support Steel sheet
Nominal thickness (ISO 12636) 0.73 mm to 2.84 mm



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