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Web cleaning adhesive rolls


We are thrilled to introduce the availability of Kelva web cleaning adhesive rolls to our customers…

Kelva; the inventor of web cleaning solutions has redefined the standards of web contamination with these highly effective adhesive rolls.

Kelva Adhesive Rolls are specially designed to absorb high quantities of contamination from your web operations. The dense layer of adhesive coating is engineered to optimize hold and tackiness to ensure that you get the best performance and longevity from each sheet.

Key Features include:

· Reduces contamination by up to 98%
· Heavyweight superior cleaning adhesive layer
· Perforated rolls allow easy and quick removal of the sheet when required
· Designed to ensure an effective clean wipe
· Offers the maximum reservoir for absorbing contamination
· Superior quality base paper for consistent wind quality and stability
· Sheeted, pre-cut rolls available from stock
· High-quality core ensures full contact with the rubber roller down to the last layer of adhesive
· Moisture-resistant high-quality paper ensuring full contact and effective removal of contamination
· Can be used on most commercially available cleaning systems including Teknek, Kelva & Meech

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