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KELVA WWCMR contact web cleaning system


Kelva WWCMR unit for double-sided contact cleaning

The Kelva WWCMR contact web cleaning system uses a two-stage contact cleaning method. Specially formulated (ø110 mm) polymer rollers remove contaminants from the substrate as it passes through the system. The particles are transferred to the second stage adhesive trap (adhesive roll). The WWCMR has two overlapping adhesive rollers on each side to allow wider webs. The clean web then passes through a static neutralisation system to reduce the risk of recontamination. To allow easy purging the adhesive rolls are independently mounted on a carriage that can be pulled out to the side giving you quick clear access. Replenishment of the adhesive can be done while the machine is running (no need to stop the machine). The top part of the WWCMR also opens up to give access to the polymer rollers for cleaning and threading up of the web.

Kelva WWCMR comes in 8 different standard sizes,
From max web width 1400 mm up to 2100 mm.

Power and air:
24 VDC (standard)
115v/ 60Hz or 230V/ 50 Hz for antistatics
6 bar dry, clean air, 8 mm connection

Advantages and features

  • Traps & removes contaminants
  • Breaks down the “boundary layer”
  • Will clean down to 1 micron
  • Continuous cleaning (no need to stop the web)
  • Process analyses (Contaminants can be identified)
  • Static bars avoid recontamination

For dimensions click to view datasheet. 


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