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KELVA TL1 non-contact web cleaning system


KELVA’s new web cleaner TL1 offers an efficient web cleaning solution for webs up to 1800 mm in standard configuration. The total width of the cleaner head is only 175 mm. Integrated antistatic bars are standard, which reduces the width of the head and keeps the bars clean.

The TL1 has a 4-chamber solution for easier balancing of the web, and the venturi inlet increases the suction ability of surrounding dust. The TL1 fits almost any application like paper, tissue, textile, film, and nonwoven.

The profiles are closed at the end and coupled together by endplates. On these end plates, pneumatic cylinders are mounted. The top half of the suction head can be lifted by means of these cylinders to create enough space for web treading and service.

The upper half of the web cleaner unit is equipped with adjusting bolts to control the distance between the halves. Under normal conditions, these adjustments are carried out only during installation, but in case of an exceptional web thickness, changes can be done.


The KELVA TL1 is made to fit widths up to 1 800 mm.

Integrated 230V/ 50Hz or 115V/60Hz with high voltage cables and power unit

5 Bar dry, clean air. 6 mm hose connection to pressure regulator. 24VDC control valves.

TL2 with special slot configuration for low tension webs as fabrics and film/foil

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