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PRISCO® Combi Wash (Roller and Blanket Wash)


Prisco Combi Wash is a class A111 high strength roller and blanket wash for use with conventional, hybrid and UV inks. The formula consists of solvents and surfactants to facilitate deep cleaning of lithographic blankets and rollers. Combi Wash conforms to the most stringent requirements of the world’s leading press manufacturers.


  • Increases ink receptivity
  • Prolongs blanket and roller life
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Facilitates removal or paper dust and glaze during ink removal
  • V.O.C. Level: 0.881 Kg/L
  • Flash point: 67°C
  • Vapour pressure: 1 mmHg @ 20°C

For rollers: Apply Prisco Combi Wash to the roller train. Set the wash-up blade and apply an additional amount to flush ink residues from roller train. Reapply as needed. To de-lint and de-glaze the rollers, add water to the wash while press is running.
For blankets: Apply Prisco Combi Wash to a cloth and wipe the surface of blanket until clean. To enable the cloth to glide more easily over the blanket surface, simply apply a small amount of water to the cloth. This will also de-lint and de-glaze the blanket. Do not apply by hand while blanket is in motion.

This formula is not compatible with all EPDM compounds. Customers are advised to evaluate a  sample of their roller or blanket material before using.

Komori K-Supply offers a unique line of premium pressroom products to improve efficiency and profitability in the print room. Prisco Combi Wash is one of the carefully selected K-Supply Premium Quality Products tested and approved for use with Komori presses by K Supply LogoKomori themselves.

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