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Revive Chrome Roller Cleaner

Revive Chrome Roller Cleaner is a specialist chrome roller cleaner and desensitizer, which removes ink, glaze, oxidation and other contaminants.


bfs Product Code: CHCRC

A specialist chrome roller cleaner and desensitizer, which removes ink, glaze, oxidation and other contaminants to help restore the efficiency of chrome rollers, resulting in improved results with fount metering and hence improved print results.


  • Non-flammable – does not flash, with mild odour
  • Quickly and thoroughly removes ink and other residues from roller
  • Improves water receptivity
  • Improves print quality through increasing roller efficiency
  • Low VOC <5% and free from aromatic petroleums

Method of Use

  • For manual application only
  • Always test on any new roller type to ensure compatibility
  • Apply using a lint free cloth and wipe over entire roller by hand
  • Wash away with water or use a dampened cloth and ensure dry before restarting

Storage and Shelf Life

  • Store solvents safely within the printing environment to allow them to acclimatise to pressroom conditions – working temperatures will affect evaporation speed of solvents and hence can influence their effectiveness. Consult own company risk assessment and fire risk assessment for guidance on suitable storage containers depending on properties of the chemical
  • If left unopened and kept in the correct conditions this product has a recommended shelf life of 12 months.

Health and Safety

This product is categorized with the following hazardous associations: Non hazardous substance.

Always wear suitable safety equipment when handling pressroom chemicals. Will not give rise to significant hazard provided good standards of industrial practice are maintained. Consult MSDS for further information.

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