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PRISCO® DigiTech 700 Blanket and Roller Wash


Prisco DigiTech 700 is a water miscible wash for automatic cleaning systems formulated for use on all brands of NEW and IN-WARRANTY press equipment requiring a FOGRA CERTIFIED wash. It is an excellent wash for both blankets and rollers on KBA Karat DI presses. This product has been tested and proven safe for all press components.

  • Water emulsifiable – takes away paper dust and glazing during the wash up
  • Increases the ink accepting capacity
  • Extends the life of blankets and rollers
  • ISEGA Certificate for food packaging printers
  • Approved by Press manufacturers – Prisco DigiTech 700 is Fogra and Elettra CERTIFIED
  • VOC Content: 0.76 kg/l
  • Flashpoint : > 62°C
  • Vapour pressure : 0.67 millibar @ 20°C
  1. For rollers: Apply Prisco DigiTech 700 to the rollers. Engage the wash up blade and apply an additional amount to remove all ink from the rollers. Repeat as necessary. Add water to Prisco DigiTech 700 when the press is running, in order to de-lint and de-glaze the rollers.
  2. For blankets: Apply product on a cleaning cloth and treat the blanket until it is clean. In order to simplify the cleaning of the rubber, put some water on the cleaning cloth. This will clean and de-glaze the blanket. DO NOT APPLY THIS PRODUCT BY HAND WHILE BLANKET IS IN MOTION.
  3. On automatic wash-up systems: follow the press manufacturer’s instructions. Adjust time and quantity as needed.


Komori K-Supply offers a unique line of premium pressroom products to improve efficiency and profitability in the print room. PRISCO DigiTech 700 is one of the carefully selected K-Supply Premium Quality Products tested and approved for use with Komori presses by K Supply LogoKomori themselves.




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