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Recyl Cobra – Anilox Deep Clean



Unclogging Gel for Ceramic Anilox Rolls only.

Recyl’s Cobra was the first product released by Recyl in 1989, being the pioneering invention from Recyl’s founder, Pierre Chevreux in collaboration with the inventors of the laser-engraved ceramic Anilox rollers. In the last twenty-seven years, Cobra has established itself as the one-stop solution for Anilox deep-cleaning and complete restoration of ink-transfer capacity, coming to the aid of flexo printers in times of serious clogging in the cells.

Cobra restores the full volume of your cells and maximises the ink-transfer capacity of your cylinder.

Cobra works on any type of ink as well as coatings. Cobra adds value in all segments of the flexo-printing industry.

The Cobra KIT includes:
  • 0.95 kg of Cobra Gel
  • Gloves
  • Protective Glasses
  • Special wiping tissue
  • Neutralizing powder (for treatment of water)

A single bottle of 950g is sufficient to clean up to 6 square metres of ceramic surface. Cobra’s high viscosity helps the product to be retained inside the Anilox cells across the cylinder surface to soften the ink in the depths of the cells. This property of the product ensures a deep and even cleaning despite gravity. This high viscosity also helps the use of a minimal amount of product and at the same time, ensures operator safety by reducing splash.

However difficult the ink may be, this gel could restore the ceramic anilox roller in a very short time (between 30 and 60 minutes).

This product works best when used with the Recyl Stainless Steel Brush, which Recyl recommends be used only during the rinsing phase.

After neutralization with the powder included in the kit, it is extremely environmentally friendly: it forms sulfate and phosphate (natural salts) that are acceptable effluents in most industrial zones.*

Since its release into the market almost three decades ago, Cobra has gained a “Gold-standard” reputation amongst printing and finishing professionals.



* Please check with your local laws regarding effluents as the ink components will also need to comply.


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