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PRISCO® Web fount 550 One Step Fountain Solution Concentrate

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Prisco Web fount 550 Fountain Solution Concentrate is a one step formula designed for use on high speed web presses equipped with continuous dampening, conventional, brush, or spray dampening systems. Prisco Web fount 550 Fountain Solution Concentrate is suitable for use with water of low to medium alkalinity and is formulated to have the wide operating latitude required on today’s demanding high speed gapless web presses.

  • Designed to run without plate sensitivity, toning and scumming
  • Eliminates feedback on continuous dampening systems
  • Catalyst safe
  • Prevents fungus growth
  • Controls calcium related problems such as roller stripping and plate blinding


Prisco web fount 550


Mix 5 to 7 ounces (4 – 5.5%) of concentrate per gallon. You will need to identify the optimum dosage, measure C.O.W. (Conductivity Over Water) as a reference for future mixing.

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