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Dyna Clear X-Ion Universal Pressroom Cleaner

Dyna Clear X-Ion is a high concentrated and for corrosion inhibited cleaner based on surface active raw materials and water-soluble solvents exhibiting a efficient cleaning and degreasing activity.


Dyna Clear X-Ion is a highly concentrated cleaner formulated with surface active raw materials and water soluble solvents. Dyna Clear X-Ion exhibits efficient cleaning and degreasing properties. It is economical to use and can be used for both manual cleaning and for floor scrubbing cleaning machines. The product needs to be diluted with water to the desired strength before using for different applications such as for the cleaning of heavily contaminated floors to light contaminated press frames. Dyna Clear X-Ion is not flammable and is low corrosive.


  • Excellent cleaning power
  • Water based
  • Economical to use
  • Not flammable
  • Low corrosive


Apply Dyna Clear X-Ion with a cloth or sprayer on the surface to clean. Allow time to dissolve the ink. Rinse with water or wipe dry with a cloth.

Recommended dilutions with water:

  • 1:4 for general cleaning of floors and cleaning of metal parts covered with thin layers of ink
  • 1:1 for heavy duty cleaning of metal parts covered with dried ink and/or thick layers of ink

Can be used neat for extremely heavy contaminated surfaces but always test on inconspicuous area before applying.

Packaging / Product code:

5, 20, 200, 1000 litre cans/drums/containers / PCOUCDCX

Dyna Clear X-Ion

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