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Dyna Agent Anti Foam AS

Ready to use anti foaming agent for the fountain solution circulation system.


Ready to use anti foaming agent for the fountain solution circulation system. This product kills excessive foam without disturbing the ink/water balance properties.


  • Kills excessive foam;
  • No influence on the fountain solution.


Add ANTI FOAM in small quantities (e.g. 10 ml/ 100 litres diluted fount) into the circulation system until the foam is reduced sufficiently.

Add 50 ml Anti Foam Agent AS to 20 litres of concentrate mix well before using.


An excessive foaming problem in the circulation system can be cause by a number of reasons some of which are mentioned below. We strongly advise to find the reason for foaming and to resolve the problem. Excessive foaming can be caused by:

  • fungus and slime caused by bacterial growth; use a system cleaner
  • a system cleaner that is sensitive for foaming; rinse the circulation system thoroughly with water
  • too high pressure in the pipes will give turbulent flow of fountain solution and hence it is sensitive to foaming; reduce the pressure or flow in the pipes
  • air which has been sucked in the fountain system; reduce the flow or install an accumulator
  • a too fine filter in the system; use a coarser filter
  • a contaminated filter; clean the filter on a regular basis
  • temperature of the fountain solution too low; apply a temperature of 8 to 12° C.


1, 5, 20 litre cans


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