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Dyna Concept Super High Concentrate Fount Solution (Bag in a Box)

A super high concentrated product; simply add tap water on site and mix to have a regular fountain solution concentrate.


A super high concentrated product; simply add tap water on site and mix to have a regular fountain solution concentrate.  Designed to support  the environment by maximizing transport efficiency and reducing packaging waste. Supplied in an ecological 3LT Bag in Box. Dyna Concept Super High Concentrate needs to be converted in the pressroom to a standard fountain solution concentrate. The instructions below describe the preparation of 15LT of the fountain concentrate .

Directions for Use:

Into an empty, clean plastic transparent can fill 3 LT  Dyna Concept  Super High Concentrate, dilute with 12 LT regular tap water up to 15 LT. For the mixing and to top off to proper level we recommend the usage of the Smart Concept can (see picture). Dyna Concept is now ready for use.

Dyna Concept is a corrosion inhibited fountain solution concentrate for use on sheetfed and continuous stationery offset presses. In most cases a 4-8% addition of isopropyl alcohol will be sufficient in alcohol dampening systems. Highly recommended when calcium deposit on ink rollers causes problems. Dyna Concept meets the demands as set by the leading European press.

This product is suitable for water with hardness values of 8-16°dH (German scale). The recommended standard addition is 3% (vol/vol), resulting in a pH value of 4.8-5.2, depending on the hardness of the water. The recommended dosage can be varied between 2,5% (soft water) and 4,5% (hard water). For every 1% of concentrate added the conductivity increase will be approximately 290 µS/cm.

Characteristics of Dyna Concept:

  • Immediate high-density copies by optimal ink transfer
  • Extreme stable ink/water balance
  • Prevents calcium deposit on ink rollers
  • Considerable reduction of ink- or paper piling on the blanket
  • Fully controlled water uptake by the ink
  • Faster and cleaner start-ups
  • Contains active plate preservers and maximum foam reduction; Meets the demands of important press manufacturers


Before adding Dyna Concept, it’s important to empty and clean the fountain solution circulation system first. Also, the condition of the dampening system is important. Check whether the fountain solution dosing equipment is accurate and apply the right dosage. For a precise control of the dosage conductivity measurements are recommended. It’s advisable to check the roller settings of the dampening system. When reducing or eliminating IPA a looser roller setting could be necessary.

Packaging / Product Code:

3 ltr Super High Concentrated Dyna Concept in a Bag in Box / PCODCHC3

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