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Dyna Press AC261TLE Coldset Fount

Dyna Press AC261TLE is a fountain solution concentrate for use on coldset presses


Dyna Press AC261TLE is a fountain solution concentrate for use on coldset presses. This product, with a wide latitude, is highly recommended for the modern high width (XXL) fast coldset presses with APL-systems. DynaPress AC261TLE shows excellent transfer properties resulting in low water settings on press. This product contains effective plate preservers and modern active anti-paper piling agents. Dyna Press AC261TLE has been formulated to meet the demands as set by major press manufacturers.

This product is suitable for water with hardness values of 8-16°DH (German scale). The recommended standard addition is 2% vol/vol., resulting in a pH value of 4.8-5.2, depending on the hardness of the water. The recommended addition can be varied, as required, between 2% (soft water) and 3% (hard water). For every 1% of concentrate added the conductivity increase will be approximately 485 µS/cm.


  • Even solids with no mottling
  • Prevents transfer of fountain solution into the ink train
  • Optimum ink transfer giving high density copies immediately
  • Spectacular reduction in ink piling and/or paper linting on the blanket
  • Remarkable clean fount circulation tanks
  • Faster, cleaner start ups
  • Prevents all kinds of stickiness
  • Highly effective plate preservers
  • Maximum foam reduction


Before adding Dyna Press AC261TLE, it’s important to empty and clean the fountain solution circulation system first. Also, the condition of the dampening system is important. Check whether the fountain solution dosing equipment is accurate and apply the right dosage. For a precise control of the dosage conductivity measurements are recommended.

Packaging / Product Code:

200 and 1000 litre cans/drums/containers / PCOCFDAC261TLE

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