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PRISCO® Eezy-Klene

PRISCO® EEZY-KLENE is effective at thoroughly deep cleaning ink rollers.


Prisco Eezy-Klene is a creamy white emulsion that acts as a rubber deglazer, cleaner and conditioner. It contains plasticisers that help prevent premature hardening of rollers and blankets, while providing deep cleaning action during wash ups and colour changes.

  • Low VOC levels
  • 41°C flashpoint
  • Thorough and deep cleaning of ink rollers
  • Improves hydrophobic properties of ink rollers
  • Compatible with EPDM rollers

After rinsing ink off rollers apply Prisco Eezy-Klene along top rollers. Allow to run in for 5 to 6 minutes. Apply roller wash, then set blade and rinse with roller wash.




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