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ICON Dry Film PTFE Spray

This lubricant will withstand extreme pressure and combat wear.

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PTFE is a dry, clear film lubricant which can be applied to surfaces where a smooth yet durable finish is required.  PTFE is ideal for use where surfaces come into contact with paper, packaging or textiles. It is also suitable as a dry lubricant for use where conventional oils and greases attract dust.  PTFE may be used in high-tech manufacturing applications with confidence.  PTFE will repel moisture and resist most acids and alkalis.  The lubricant will withstand extreme pressure and combat wear.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Appearance: Aerosol
  • Odour: Organic solvents
  • Flash Point: < -40°C
  • Auto Ignition Temperature: 410 – 580°C
  • Flammability Limit: Lower 1.8% Upper 9.5%

Information given concerns the major ingredients


1.Shake can well

2.Spray into/onto area to be lubricated

3.Spray in short bursts for maximum efficiency

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