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ICON De-Ionised Water

Helps preserve the quality of print results and condition of equipment.


bfs Product Code: CHDIW

Many printers use tap water as their local source of dampening water, however, no matter where in the world your water comes from there is always a degree of contamination in the form of calcium carbonate and other such impurities. These contaminants can manifest in the print system over time and lead to all manner of issues with print image quality and eventually lead to premature replacing of equipment. Demineralised (or de-ionized water as it is often also referred to), is a form of water purification that removes many of the impurities in local tap water and significantly reduces the contaminants the modern day printer is adding to their system. In many ways it can be viewed as a key maintenance option to help preserve the quality of print results and condition of equipment. It also gives a stable and reliable water quality to work with, when compared to the fluctuating conditions of local tap water supply.

Description of Use

Use as primary source of dampening water. Water re-hardener can be used in conjunction with demineralised water to help achieve the ideal water hardness of approx. 10dh for printing systems.


  • Flashpoint (®C)  NA
  • Colour  Clear
  • Water Miscible  Yes – Soluble
  • Density / Specific Gravity  1.00
  • Voc Content / % Volume  0%
  • Odour  Barely Perceptible
  • UN Number  NA

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in temperatures not exceeding 30°C and not falling below 5°C! Protect from Frost! Store on either pallets or racking in order to protect from cold floors. If left unopened and kept in the correct conditions this product has a recommended shelf life of 12 months.

Health and Safety

Labelling: Not Applicable

Usage: Will not give rise to any significant hazard provided reasonable standards of industrial practice are maintained.  Consult MSDS for further guidance.

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