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Conti-Air UV Black HC

The CONTI-AIR® UV Black HC printing blanket has a special CONTI-AIR® compressible layer of closed micro-cells with an over pressure.


Conti-Air UV Black HC Printing Blanket

Our printing blankets have a special Conti-Air® compressible layer of closed micro- cells with an over pressure.


Key Performance

  • Climate-friendly blanket
  • High swelling resistance to UV inks and cleaning agents thanks to special surface rubber
  • Increased compressible layer thickness
  • Minimal sinking throughout the life of the printing blanket
  • Excellent smash resistance
  • Good dot sharpness and smooth printing of solids
  • Only suitable for pure UV printing


Product Information

Printing surface

Color: black
Surface: microground
Roughness RZ (DIN 4768): 4 μm
Roughness RA (DIN 4768): 0.6 μm
Surface hardness (DIN 53505): 60° Shore A


At 1.350 kPa: 0.220 mm 0.03 mm
Quantity of fabric layers: 2 plies
Elongation (DIN 16621, DIN53354): 0.9 % 0.15 % at 500 N/5cm
Nominal thickness (ISO12636): 1.95 mm
True Rolling (Paper feed characteristics): + positive

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