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Paper Packings / Easy-Pack

EASY-PACK underpackings are specially designed to be slip free.


Easy- Pack



Easy – Pack is a high quality underpacking featuring a specially designed SLIP FREE surface for easy and accurate packing.

Our EASY PACK is available in quantities of 100 up to 0.3 mm Thickness and 50 for 0.4mm thickness and above. Easy Pack can be Cut to Size and is suitable for all major printing presses. Roll orders are available on request.


Typical Sheet Sizes Available (mm)

510 x 360 532 x 377 650 x 530 730 x 595 750 x 555 925 x 700 75 x 720
1030 x 735 1030 x 7951 045 x 750 1140 x 880 1280 x 980 1620 x 1270

PACKED with Features and Benefits

High Quality Exceptional Reliability

Available Pre-sized or ‘Cut to Size’ Suitable for Virtually all Printing Presses Specially Designed ‘Slip Free’ Surface Precise Fitting / Colour Coded

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