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Conti-air® UV MAXX

The Conti-Air UV Maxx is perfect for UV ink sheetfed offset printing and makes the best use of the unique features of Conti-Air UV MAXX. The Conti-Air UV compressible layer brings you a much smoother and more defined print from your UV ink.


The high quality UV blanket for sheetfed printing with UV inks.
  • High swelling resistance against UV inks and washes due to a unique top compound
  •  Very good dot sharpness and smooth printing of solids
  •  Excellent smash resistance
  •  Good behavior in tensioning and less elongation
  •  Reduced shock marking
  •  Suitable only for pure UV printing


Our printing blankets have a special CONTI-AIR® compressible layer of microcells.

Technical data (Nominal Values)
Color: blue
Surface: ground
Surface hardness: 55° Shore A
Total hardness: 78°
Compressibility at 1,350 kPa: 0.220 mm
Elongation at 500 N/5 cm: 0,7 %
Thickness: 1.96 mm

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