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Obsidian Plus – Glass Bead Blanket

obsidian logo The Obsidian glass bead blanket is the newest blanket for printing security and high-quality packaging. The Obsidian blanket has a cover layer made of tiny glass beads and is supplied by bfs Pressroom Solutions – available with a fast and reliable service.


Obsidian Plus – Glass Bead Blanket

The Obsidian Plus glass bead blanket, designed for applications such as sheetfed gravure, hot-foil and cold-foil embossing, security and RGB printing. The Obsidian Plus blanket has a cover layer made of tiny glass beads and is ideal for bank notes, certificates or packaging films for high-quality products: Instead of using printing ink in the hot embossing process, a thin plastic film is applied to the printing stock by means of pressure and heat.

The blanket plays a vital role in this and must be able to repel the ink so that no smearing on the sheet or other elements occurs. On the other hand, the printing blanket must withstand enormous press, therefore, requires very high mechanical stability.


 Features and Benefits
  • Resilient in a pressurised mechanical environment
  • Exterior rejects ink
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • An extremely erosion-resistant surface
  • Protection from printing chemistry (washes, damping solutions, petrol, acetone and oil)
  • Zero electrical behaviour when in contact with foil applications
  • Excellent long run durability


Technical Data
  • Base fabric type: 1 x 115gsm Cotton 1 x 230gsm Cotton
  • Base fabric weight: 345gsm +/- 10
  • Base fabric width: 100cm
  • Coated width: 100cm
  • Coating type – side A: Black nitrile rubber with glass bead upper layer
  • Coating weight – side A: 405gsm +/- 50 to achieve thickness
  • Thickness: 0.65mm +/- 0.04
  • Shore hardness: 92 +/- 2
  • Total finished weight: 750gsm +/- 50

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