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Kruse Varniplate 70


Kruse Varniplate 70 Coating Plate

Kruse Varniplate 70 is a transparent strippable plate for flood and spot coating applications.

Features and Benefits

Varniplate 70 has been developed to optimise the transfer of water-based transparency coatings. The specially selected polymers and the surface profile of the plate maximise the transfer of the coating, giving incredibly high gloss levels. The advantage is even more evident when special opaque coatings are used. The stripping depth of Varniplate 70’s polyurethane layer is 0.8 or 1.0mm, this increased depth improves printing quality around the edges by reducing coating build up. Varniplate 70 can easily be cut by a blade cutter or cutting table and stripped manually. The polyester base gives high dimensional stability meaning Varniplate 70 can achieve longer runs whilst ensuring the plates can be re-used. Varniplate 70 offers extremely high chemical resistance eliminating swelling caused by aggressive coatings. The plate can be used at printing speeds of up to 18,000 copies/hour.


Product Information


1.15mm / 1.35mm

70 Shore A

Varnishing Method
In Line None

Compressible Layer

Stripping Depth
0.8 / 1.00mm

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