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Conti-Air Dynacoat Green

Strippable coating blanket for foil based spot coating.


Conti-Air Dynacoat Green

Strippable Coating Blanket

The optimum foil-based solution for spot coating

  • White compressible layer for better visibility of cut edges and optimal varnish transfer
  • Suitable for UV and water based coating
  • Improved varnish transfer, lowest ink build up and extended wash intervals


Technical Data (Nominal Values)

Surface Colour:  Green

Surface:  Microground

Surface hardness:  47* Shore A

Total hardness:  82*

Compressibility at 1.350kPa:  0.130 mm

Elongation at 500 N/5 cm: –

Thickness:  1.96 mm

Stripping Depth:  1.00mm

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