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Finito® Packings

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Finito® Universal Underblankets are designed to last up to six times longer than conventional packing.



Finito Packings

Designed to last up to six times longer than conventional packings

Finito replaces old underpacking blankets and calibrated papers, with an exclusive innovative material eliminating all the storage and management problems of conventional underpacking. Whilst slightly more expensive than traditional packing, the initial extra cost is a smart investment over a period of time. Finito also boosts productivity by dramatically reducing down time.

Finito enables the right thickness to be easily achieved. Finito is installed on the press just like underblankets and/or calibrated papers.

  • Lasts up to 6x Longer
  • Improved Stability
  • High Usage Flexibility
  • Solvent Resistant

Three Finito Product Versions: S, W, B


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1 review for Finito® Packings

  1. Graham Rutter

    While looking for different underpacking for my PM52‐5 colour, Howard from bfs showed me the
    Finito self‐adhesive underpacking. Since that day (in December 2014) I have not used any other
    blanket underpacking because the results are far better than expected.
    There are a few things I have found when using the Finito adhesive blanket:
     It does not move while on the press due to the adhesive. Even when you replace them it leaves
    very little adhesive on the cylinder which is not hard to remove.
     When changing blankets the Finito just stays in place so no more holding the under blanket or
    packing sheets in place hoping they do not move.
     The Finito seems to handle smashes far better than packing sheets due to its make‐up, leaving
    the blanket with hardly or no damage.
     I find the Finito outperforms any other underpacking I have used and it lasts much longer so
    no need to change them every month

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