This revolutionary new technology optimizes productivity and print quality through enhanced cleaning ability while also reducing both operation and maintenance costs.

If you are using a pre-impregnated wet cloth roll, PREPAC Zero will dramatically reduce maintenance and operation costs since it is spray-free. If you are using a traditional cleaning cloth, you will save tons of time compared to mounting a dry cloth to a roll, adding it to the process with the need for water and maintenance.


  • Zero maintenance on water spray pipes
    Thanks to the water substitute integration in the cleaning cloth, there is no need for using a water spray system in the plate cleaning process, thus no need for otherwise time-consuming maintenance of water spray pipes.

  • Zero need for cleaning water pump station
    Since the need of using a water pump station is completely eliminated when running PREPAC Zero, there is no need for cleaning it.

  • Optimal paper lint removal
    The innovative cleaning solvent formula together with Baldwin’s patented cleaning cloth enables a highly efficient pick-up and removal of paper lint, ink residue and dust.

  • Long lifetime in the press
    The high-quality cleaning cloth and the unique solvent formula enable an extremely long lifetime in the press with a consistent wash result week after week. This will also maintain a low waste level and reduces your production costs.

  • Zero dripping
    With zero water spray, there is no dripping that may cause toning or other defects.

  • Zero corrosion
    With zero water spray, there is no evaporation of the solvent in the cloth, meaning there is zero risk of corrosion on the press or the cleaning unit.