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Reusable container service

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Re-Usable ICON Chemistry Container Solution

The requirement to recycle plastic is becoming ever increasing but when plastic is recycled it is generally processed into items that are completely different from that of the source material. Often, a product made from recycled plastics is often not recyclable itself. The obvious solution, therefore, is to reuse plastic wherever possible.

Within the Print sector, there are huge volumes of plastic Jerri cans used on a daily basis. Some are recycled and some go direct to landfill. This creates environmental issues and additionally creates a cost for the user.

BFS Pressroom Solutions Ltd offers a scheme where specially sourced containers can be reused. Each product is supplied pre-packed in reusable, black 25ltr containers and delivered in metal cages. Each product is labelled individually and is recognised by a colour specific cap and collar. Currently two cage sizes are available, 600ltr (24 x 25ltr) or 800ltr (32 x 25ltr). Empty containers are stored in a second cage which is supplied with the initial order and when full, rotated with fresh product.

The containers are collected, refilled, and returned on each cycle. Damaged containers (contaminated, dented, or heavily soiled) are discarded and the customer is charged for the replacement.

Any initial setup costs will be covered by BFS; however, a supply agreement covering the supply for a minimum period of 12 months will need to be signed to ensure these costs are covered. Any shortfall within the supply will result in a pro-rata charge being passed over.
All deliveries and collections will operate within a 2-3 day delivery window with a 12.00pm cut-off time.

The current pricing structure offered to BFS customers can include this service.

An average printer using 500ltr per month of IPA and 300ltr per month of wash can save an average of £500 per annum in container collection.
For further information regarding this system and how it works please contact BFS at info@bfs-pressroomsolutions.co.uk or call us on 0118 9305999


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