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ICON Anti Bacterial Hand Cleaner

For general purpose cleaning of the hands to remove even the most stubborn of dirt and grime. 


bfs Product Code: CHABGHC5

ICON Anti Bacterial Hand Cleaner is a thick solution of soaps and detergents for general purpose cleaning of the hands to remove even the most stubborn of dirt and grime. Formulated to be low irritancy, and contains pumice to help remove dried on ink and dirt deposits, whilst gently exfoliating the skin. Contains humectants to help retain moisture in the skin, whilst limiting the drying effects typical soaps and working with solvents/inks can have on the skin. Comes in 5 litre container with pump dispenser.


  • Non-flammable – Flashpoint >100°C
  • Contains pumice as an abrasive for increased power on dried deposits as well as exfoliating action
  • Contains powerful humectants to help remoisten skin so limiting the drying effect typical soaps may have
  • Formulated using low toxicity, low hazard, powerful surfactants and detergents
  • Excellent cutting power on various ink types without harming skin
  • Free from Petroleum Distillates
  • Supplied in easy to use soap pump containers

Method of Use

Shake before use

Simply twist soap pump to “open” and push down squeezing liquid into the palm

Rub together in hands then wash away with water and close the soap pump when finished with

Storage and Shelf Life

Store solvents safely within the printing environment to allow them to acclimatize to pressroom conditions – working temperatures will affect evaporation speed of solvents and hence can influence their effectiveness. Consult own company risk assessment and fire risk assessment for guidance on suitable storage containers depending on properties of the chemical.

If left unopened and kept in the correct conditions this product has a recommended shelf life of 6 months.

Health and Safety

This product is categorized with the following hazardous associations:

Not classified as hazardous although it is recommended to avoid eye contact and wash well with water in case this occurs.

Always wear suitable safety equipment when handling pressroom chemicals. Will not give rise to significant hazard provided good standards of industrial practice are maintained. Consult MSDS for further information.

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