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Heidelberg Duct Foils

Available for all CPC equipped Heidelberg presses including: SM/GTO52, SM52CD, SM72, SM74, SM74CD, SM102, MO, QM, 8 Page Web, 16 Page Web & Harris M1000


 Heidelberg Ink Duct Foils

Ink Duct Foils are an important part of the Heidelberg CPC system. The majority of Heidelberg presses have been equipped with the CPC system since the 1980s. Designed to fit into the CPC system’s ink duct tray. The foils act as an intermediate between the ink duct roller and the CAM system. This important process acts to prevent ink from getting into the system.

Features and Benefits

  • Dispose of Ink Duct Foils after each print run.
  • They are very easy to load and unload from the press.
  • Duct Foils can save you the amount of time spent on cleaning up.

Manufactured to the exact size and specification required to fit straight into the desired Heidelberg Press. We supply Duct Foils that are suitable for a range of ink types including conventional, UV and hybrid inks.

Available in boxes of 100 pieces.


Suitable for

  • SM 52
  • GTO52
  • SM52CD
  • SM72
  • SM74
  • SM74CD
  • SM102
  • MO QM
  • 8 Page Web
  • 16 Page Web
  • Harris M1000

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