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Folder Jaws

BFS offers new and refurbished folder jaws for all presses.


Folder Jaws


Folder jaws are manufactured to OEM specifications and are available for all printing presses. Blades are tipped with different coverings including, Hard Chroming, Vulkollan, Metco, Sapphire and Ceramic.

Segmented folding jaws can be manufactured with lamella springs fixed loosely or by spot‐welding. As a result these springs can be increased or decreased in thickness to adjust the flexibility of the jaw.


Refurbishment of Folder Jaws


Replacing folder jaws can be a costly expense, generally only the material used to tip the jaw has worn out. The actual metal bar is within specification, therefore BFS provides a refurbishment facility where jaws can be resprayed or have replacement Vulkollan re‐inserted at a fraction of the cost of the new jaws. Please note on moving jaws (thickness 1‐2mm) the metal bar can become twisted, in which case refurbishment is pointless.

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