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Revive Anilox Roller Wash

Revive Anilox Roller Wash is a specially developed anilox & ceramic roller cleaner for UV, solvent and waterbased inks and varnishes.


Revive Anilox Roller Wash is a specially developed anilox & ceramic roller cleaner for UV, solvent and water based inks and varnishes. Revive Anilox Roller Wash is very effective in removing dried varnishes and inks, but does not contain any hazardous raw materials. This results in a slow evaporating wash that will remove any dried varnish and ink safely, without the use of chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Revive Anilox Roller Wash has been formulated with specially selected new raw materials. This balanced mixture combines an optimal cleaning power with a highly reduced danger for health and environment, compared to standard products. Therefore Revive Anilox Roller Wash can be qualified as a much less harmful product for the printer and for the environment.


  • Clear liquid
  • High solvency power
  • Flash point >61°C
  • Water emulsifiable
  • Contains no methyleenchloride
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons 


Apply Revive Anilox Roller Wash with a saturated cloth and rub with pressure. Allow some time to penetrate the ink-layer. Wipe off with a water dampened cloth.

Technical specifications:

Aromatic content  : 0 %

Flashpoint  : > 60 °C


1, 5, 20, 200 litre bottle/cans/drums



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