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Clean & Green

The most effective, environmentally sustainable,  non-toxic, non-corrosive cleaning solution for the removal of water-based inks and varnishes from multiple surfaces.


The most effective, environmentally sustainable,  non-toxic, non-corrosive cleaning solution for the removal of water-based inks and varnishes from multiple surfaces.

Specially formulated for the print industry, Clean & Green is one of the first Micriolysis process cleaning products to be manufactured in the UK. We predict that all printers will be using this new generation of cleaning fluids as corporate environmental responsibilities tighten.

Clean & Green is an entirely environmentally sustainable, non-hazardous cleaning product. It is a highly effective, unique, and very versatile
product for the removal of ink, dirt, oil, and grease.

This fast-acting, cleaning solution can replace multiple cleaning agents traditionally used across many cleaning applications. Clean & Green can be used on: stainless steel, plastic ceramic carbon fiberglass, wood, rubber, metal, vinyl flooring, stone paving, and more.

Clean & Green contains nothing nasty, harsh, or aggressive like acids or strong chemicals that can burn, damage, rust, or harm.  Anilox rollers, rubber rollers, doctor blades, ink pumps, ink chambers, and much are cleaned effectively and safely.

Clean & Green can reduce your stock levels of cleaning chemicals. It
inhibits rusting and corrosion of machinery and fittings and requires fewer safety data documentation and training. It also helps you to save time and money.

Green products, initiatives, and habits can be highly cost-effective and much safer for the environment, people, machinery, and equipment. Not only can they cost less, but they can last longer.

We’ve found that typically 5 cleaning products are currently being used in press rooms, all containing aggressive properties and requiring
Control Of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations to be followed. These aggressive chemicals carry an ongoing risk of damage to expensive printing machinery and equipment but more serious harm to your workforce.  With Clean & Green, there is no rusting, no corrosion, and no damage.


How does it work?

Simply spray, soak, wash and rinse any surface with Clean & Green and let the Micriolysis process go to work! The Micriolysis process actively penetrates through the ink, dirt, grease, and oil breaking down its bond with the surface to allow you to simply rinse and wipe clean, where more traditional cleaning chemical products would leave particles untouched.


Polymer Printing Plates

Clean & Green can be used on all types of polymer printing plates, both solid & liquid materials clean with ease. Ideal for cleaning plates on the press or with the aid of a plate washing station (stand-alone or automated). Clean & Green is perfect for removing specialist ink such as gloss & matt varnishes, silver & gold metallic inks. Neglected plates not cleaned for months, can be restored easily using Clean & Green.


Anilox Roller Maintenance

Regular bucket washing and machine dosage cleaning with Clean & Green can help maintain anilox rollers, keeping them in good
condition & prolonging ink volume performance.

For best results, it is recommended that a regular cleaning
the schedule is implemented, and good cleaning practices are promoted to reduce cell volume contamination and ceramic surface staining.


Ultra-Sonic & Heat Cleaning Systems

Ultra-Sonic & heated cleaning systems heat chemicals used to aid the cleaning process & naturally create vapours/fumes.

Vapours from chemical or toxic substances can irritate your airways, skin and eyes, and inhaling a substance can create a host of serious health problems.

Clean & Green can be heated to a temperate of 89ºC without
creating any harmful vapours to people & therefore eliminating the use of operator respiratory PPE.


Multiple applications
Micriolysis action
Highly efficient cleaning
No rusting
No corrosion
No dangerous fumes
100% safe to handle

Effective on: 
Water-based inks & varnishes
Water-based adhesives
Print units
Ink chambers
Ink pump systems
Polymer plates
Anilox rollers
Rubber rollers
Ultra-sonic friendly


Apply Clean & Green with a cloth or sprayer onto the
surface and allow the
Micriolysis process to
penetrate through the ink,
dirt, grease, or oil to eliminate the bond, before simply
rinsing and wiping clean.




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